ECG Interpretation: Rhythms and 12-Leads 2nd Edition

Target Audience

RN, CNS, CRNA, LPN/LVN, NP, RT, EMT/Paramedic, Tech, PA

Program Description
Healthcare providers caring for patients who require cardiac monitoring must have an in-depth knowledge of electrocardiography in order to accurately and rapidly assess rhythm strips and 12-leads. Early identification is crucial to the early recognition of potentially life-threatening abnormalities. This course examines both ECG rhythms and 12-leads. The arrhythmia modules will discuss the fundamental knowledge necessary to accurately identify disturbances in cardiac rhythms and are recommended before viewing the 12-lead modules. The 12-lead modules present common abnormalities found in the 12-lead ECG and challenge learners with numerous examples to test their skills. This course is designed for the new nurse as well as the experienced nurse who desires to improve his or her interpretive skills.


Program Learning Outcomes
This program prepares the learner to:

  1. Describe the mechanisms responsible for the different types of arrhythmias that may develop in the hospitalized patient.
  2. Discuss the pathophysiology associated with the presented abnormal 12-leads.
  3. Apply a systematic approach to analyzing cardiac arrhythmias and the 12-Lead ECG.
  4. List the ECG criteria for each of the presented cardiac arrhythmias and abnormal 12-leads.
  5. Accurately interpret the selection of cardiac arrhythmias and 12-Lead ECGs.