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Richard is a neuroscience/critical care clinical nurse specialist in Philadelphia, PA. He has a broad base of greater than 30 years of clinical experience in critical care with focuses on liver/kidney disease, neuroscience, hepatic failure and renal failure pre-transplant. He has also managed patient evaluation for liver, heart, lung and renal/pancreas transplantation. He teaches actively on hepatic encephalopathy, kidney failure, cardiopulmonary failure, transplant evaluation and post-transplant care at the bedside along with in-service education, from the regional to the international level. His published work in these areas has appeared in multiple refereed professional journals including The American Journal of Critical Care, AACN Advanced Critical Care, Critical Care Nurse and Chest. He is also on the editorial board for AACN Advanced Critical Care. Richard has traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iceland and Sweden to present content on palliative care, organ donation/transplantation, neurologic and pulmonary critical care, as well as managing the patient with end-organ failure.

He has received multiple awards for research, clinical and teaching excellence, including the AACN/Sigma Theta Tau research grant as well as having been recognized by the Nightingale Society of Pennsylvania for Excellence in Nursing Education, Clinical Practice and Advanced Practice Nursing. Richard has also held a Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing since 2007.